Homeowners Insurance
Homeowner policies provide a package of coverage for owner occupied primary and secondary homes, condominiums and renters. Depending upon the form, coverage is provided for the dwelling, other structures, contents, additional living expense and for personal liability. Our guidance on coverage amounts is to stand in front of your home, condo or apartment and envision the fire department putting out the embers of what was your property. . . everything you own. Then look at your current policy and ask yourself, "is this enough coverage to put me back where I was before the fire?"
Homeowners - The standard homeowner policy is written with a deductible and provides replacement coverage on the home and contents. Limitations on coverage for certain property and standard exclusions for certain losses differ from company to company. Read your policy and know what you have and do not have! Call our office for contract terms and interpretation. Older homes may be written on a market value basis or actual cash value basis depending upon the insurance company. Condominium Coverage - This is a form of homeowner coverage which provides dwelling coverage on that portion of the condo which is not covered by the association's master policy. It also provides protection for your contents, loss of use and personal liability as well as for certain loss assessments made against you by your Association. Coverage terms differ in every condo association and thus is important to know what the association covers in order to properly tailor a policy for your situation. Renters - Renters insurance is a form of homeowner coverage which protects your contents in the event of a loss from a covered peril. The liability coverage under the renter's policy protects you if you are sued for accidentally causing injury to others or for damaging their property. The policy also protects you from liability which may arise from a fire in the unit which you rent.
*Insure your home/condo/property to value. Do not under-insure. In other words, do not save a nickel in premium and have poorly protected property. *Consider higher deductibles to save premium. Absorb small losses yourself. Save the insurance for the "big one". *Do not insure property which you will never replace nor care little about. *Do not leave property lying about at home or in your car. It provides a target for thieves. *Put motion detecting lights in your yard. They are inexpensive and they keep crooks, vandals and thieves away. *Have timers set on interior lights while you are not at home. *Do not leave curtains open and do not put valuables in easy sight. *Consider a security system. *Control your pets at all times. Even a "friendly" dog/cat will bite if it thinks it is threatened. *Keep your home and yard well maintained. New electrical, trimmed trees, inspected plumbing and heating. Clean chimneys! Clean gutters!
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