Claim Information
Emergency Contact Information Many of our insurance companies have "800" claim numbers where claims may be called directly to the company. In many cases, the companies prefer to speak directly to the customer. The claim correspondent gathers data and electronically sends the information to the claims office for assignment of an adjuster. Our companies endeavor to contact you within 24 hours Direct Claim numbers: Auto Owners 1-888-252-4626 (after hours) Badger Mutual 1-800-383-1234 | 1-866-223-4371(after hours) Dairyland 1-800-638-8763 EMC 1-888-362-2255 Encompass 1-800-588-7400 Partners Mutual 1-262-798-5050 Progressive Drive 1-800-776-4737 QBE 1-844-723-2524 State Auto Insurance 1-800-766-1853 West Bend Mutual 1-877-922-5246 Wilson Mutual 1-800-242-7708 (after hours) Generally, we recommend that you turn in a claim without delay if you are "at-fault" in an accident. Do not hesitate to call the Agency (262-790-0000) if you are in doubt as to whether or not to submit a claim. General guidelines are: -Get name, phone number and insurance carrier of the other party. -Do not admit fault to the other carrier. -If in doubt, call the police.
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